March 1, 2010

Smells like fresh flowers in the house

 I wanted to thank everyone's concern about my family in Chile after the 8.8 earthquake that strike the central-south part of Chile, thanks to God my family is Ok - Full post about it HERE

oh! wait – That's not possible! because as some of you know, I am not using any fresh flowers. The original plan for the bouquets was to make them 100% out of clay flowers, and even though I made a bunch of them back home in Chile, they were not enough for my bouquet and the 4 of my girls.

So while making the pomander for my flower girl, I run into a color problem, I could not find tissue paper on the color I wanted, but what I actually found was paper napkins on the exact color I wanted! and what I did? Napkin flowers, of course!


I found out the paper flowers were was faster to make and fill just as much as my clay flowers. So i ditch some of the experimental kind of flowers and I just kept the roses. I mix them with the napkin flowers plus some tissue paper flower and some silk and this is what I end up with!

Here’s my clay rose tutorial in case you want to try them!

Now for my bridesmaids bouquets I stayed just with tissue paper, napkins and silk.


and this is how they looks all finish


So to make all the flowers I used on the bouquets I only used 1 pack of 50 napkins, and it cost me $1.20 so I was pretty happy about that!
and to make them this is what I used:
  • 1 pack of purple napkins
  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • thicker wire
  • silk lefts
  • hot glue

I first cut the napkin in half, then I fold it again to have a long piece, after that I fold in little pieces and cut the end, the final result of that step is the picture on the left. after that I roll both pieces together to make one flower. (Since you end up cutting the napkin in 4 you get 2 pieces per flower)


Once they are really I wrap a little piece of floral wire to hold it together, and grab a long piece of thicker wire and I hot glue it to the flower, like on the left image. And after that's all cold I tape it all around attaching a silk leaf as showing on the right image.


You do that a few more times and you will end up with this!!


Now a few more pics of my bouquet!


flores-6[ All pictures by yours truly]

I really like the way it ended up looking, but I was worried I will regret it later, because I really wanted to make all out of clay, but with this one I still can use it on my desk after the wedding, like my original plan with 100% clay. Even though I cheated and went the easy way to finish sooner, I choose this route because I have so many DIY projects still to finish, time is very important right now!!

Did any of you changed you original plans on flowers at the end? Were you happy with your choice or do you regret it?

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