March 29, 2010

Making the Poodle Chapel: Part 2 … and more!

Things have being pretty busy at the Poodles house, and not only here, our venue (Mr. Poodles grandparent’s ranch) is experiencing a lot of hard work to transform into our dream ceremony and reception site.

Remember the first post I wrote about  “making the chapel”, on that post I showed you all how many friends and family have being working really hard to help us out with the chapel, well this post is no different, even MIL got to drive the loader around and help removing the ground to make the beautiful aisle with rocks path on the sides.


An while MIL and I worked shoveling, FIL set all the stones for the aisle.

We gather all the rocks close to him so it could be a little bit more easy. (he’s so awesome!! )


So after that we all call it a day and went home to come back the next weekend.
The next step was to frame all the windows and walls, and a little bit of work on the aisle.


They made deep enough holes on the ground so the walls wouldn't need extra support on the sides.


and then set the frames up! YAY! first one =)


After that they set the rocks around the altar


and dig the hole for the fireplace.

chapel9 [ Curly loved that place ]

Now from the road you can really tell there’s something shaping up!


They call it a day again and got ready to work the following weekend, while they all worked hard on the chapel, I got some wonderful BEE-craft help! ---  Recognize them?


How about now?

The wonderful Moonbeam, Sprinkle and Stripes drove up to help me out because, well, we only have two weeks before the wedding and the projects seem endless right now, I an so happy and thankful they help me out! We had a lot of fun crafting and eating fabulous cupcakes!

chapel12 [ Thank you girls! that was delicious! ]

After we finish some projects, we head down to the Ranch to go check on the guy’s hard work of the day.

To my surprise the fire place was running and almost done!


The doors were up, corner and windows have already being sided! I call that an AWESOME JOB!


All of us checking the altar =) FIL wants to keep the altar and the fire place, so we can all go camp and have fires, s’mores and lots of fun!


and of course we had to get a BEE picture with a window panel as our background :)


Each time I go to the chapel field, I love it even more! and I don't think I can thank enough all of Mr. Poodle’s family and friends for helping us in such an amazing way.

As I mention before we are right now only 2 weeks away from the wedding,  and I already know that this next two weeks are going to be even more busy than the previous, so I wanted to let everyone know that I won’t be able to blog much.  I DO have lots of projects I want to show you all before I start with my recaps so ( since usually it takes quite some time to get the PRO pics) I will blog about all of those projects right after the wedding.

And just to tease a little bit, here are some of the projects I want to show you all:

I will also know the answer to my Mom’s second visa application this week, so please send a lot of good vibes our way! =)

xoxo, Poodle!


  1. Oh. my. goodness. You amaze me!!!

  2. Goodness gracious, girl! Hopefully you'll have some down time to relax before you get married. It's only TWO weeks away—YEA!!!!! Can't wait to see how it all turned out, even though I know it'll be great!

  3. Wow girl! Verdaderamente impresionante!! Felicidades y disfrute de estas ultimas semanas antes de la boda. Ya meritooo!!!

  4. I love all of your ideas and can't wait to see the wedding!
    That sucks about your family but at least the groom's family loves you and is helping out in such a grand way, wow.


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