August 8, 2009

065 - My girl's dresses - Part1 MOH

Remember when I showed you all the inspiration dresses I got together to show my girls; the trend I said I loved SO much and the card I made to re-ask them to my on my party? Well on the card I sent them fabric sample so they can "see" the fabric I got on sale (Yup! I always look for sales hehe) it's a really cute purple fabric, so now sadly I wont have the different shades as an option (I know! cheap me!!) Anyway on that card I told them to pick a dress each, and offered the dresses as a gift from this Poodle bride :) - Ohh my! I'm feeling this is going to tress me out! but I already told them hehe

Well to my surprise, 2 of them already pick (The Chilean girls) and both of them chose the same bottom for their dresses, but the tops are going to be totally different!! You know - I wanted them to "not-match" so badly, hopefully the other two BM wont choose the same one.

A couple of weeks a go my MOH went through a very tough situation, because of that she wasn't sure she was going to be able to be by my side on my wedding day (*almost crying!*) - I was really really sad and decided that if she couldn't make it I rather not have a MOH, than fell like I was "replacing her" by asking someone else . Gladly, and to my surprise and JOY she will be THERE!!! (*Happy dance!*)

{ Yay! this is us celebrating her "comeback" to my wedding party! }

So last night we got the chance to celebrate and work on the pattern for her dress. I know this not the "proper way" to make it but it works for me, usually I draw on newspaper (I always tape sheets together for the bigger pieces) and then cut them and fix the pattern on the person I'm working - I soo wish I had one of those PRO tailor's dummy :) But well until that day, I have to work with what I have - hehe

{ My newspaper top pattern and MOH modeling for us lol }

So after about 3 glasses of rom each, we finally were able to move, work on fabric and forget abut the newspaper :)

{ I know I get so serious when I'm sewing! -
The first fit = not good! but she loved the pockets :) }

So the first fitting was just with clothespins, and we needed to add one missing piece (Yup! the rom was hitting us at that point) - After about half hour we finally found that missing piece, but decided to hold the sewing for the dress sake!

Today we started early and with a slight hangover hehe, I was glad we didn't attempt to finish last nigh! because well, I would have need to do everything again! - my advice: Don't drink and sew :)

{ Second fitting! - Now I can add the straps }

{ We still have to iron it and short it to the length MOH wants }

So here the final dress, we are thinking on adding some purple tulle on the bottom just to add some more body.

This was the first dress story, 1 done - 3 to go!!

And here the question! Would you change - add something? We are thinking about getting some sleeves or wrap for her to cover and maybe a sash down the bust line. What you think?

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