August 19, 2009

066 - Crinoline - The evolution

Ok maybe evolution is too much of a word for the change I made to my crinoline, But sounds so cool!

Remember when I showed you all my crinoline? Well after I look at some pictures I decided I wanted to spice thing a little bit, like this.

{ Image Source (Link) }

but dyeing it was not really an option to me, because even tho I love the way it looks, I don't want everything purple, I want white and purple. But re-doing the crinoline was not an option to achieve my desire look, so I opted for ADDING!

Yes! puffier!!! :) I know I'm possibly going to end up looking like a marshmallow, but I'll take the chance - I have a feeling it will end up looking cool - or else I'll be always remember as the white with little purple details marshmallow bride :P (Crossing finger big time at this moment)

So I ran to my "fabric supplies heaven" and got 40 feet of purple tulle at $9,60 oh! yes! (Told you! heaven fabric place!) Once home I cut long pieces matching all the height of my white layers and sew them together.

{ Mom Poodle is not really good at taking pictures lol - eyes closed!
and she said it was a perfect picture }

{ I had tulle everywhere, so by the time I started sewing my baby Poodle (Curly ) thought the crinoline was a tend for him to play at}

{ This is how my crinoline ended up looking }

I'm much happier now :) because I can surprise with a little bit of color under my dress. I just can't get away from color, specially purple! I love it so much!

Are you attempting to add color to your dress? if so, what's your plan?

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