January 22, 2010

E- Pics: OMG I love them!

As I shared on my last post, everything was very last minute for our engagement shoot, but everything seemed to fit so perfectly, I could not be any happier about Cat’s idea (our photographer) of shooting on Union Station, downtown LA. It was a pretty rainy (actually stormy) day, but due to Mr. Poodle schedule we just had to do them that day.

On our way there Mr. Poodle asked me if I remembered the umbrellas, I felt so bad it was pouring rain, but I was so focus on the fact that I wanted to keep my curls for as long as possible, that I run to the truck, taking advantage of a no rain moment at home forgetting this little but so necessary accessory. Note to self: Duh! Rain and Curls on your hair, DO NOT get along! Next time remember the umbrella porfavor!

Anyway, so once on the Union Station hall, took our rain coats off (that was the cool part about carrying luggage, we stick everything in there :) ) we got dry, and proceed with the FUN part! Want a sneak peek? Well our photographers already blog more than just a little one!


Adi, our photographer of the day, was kind of worried because it was so cloudy outside there for the light was not the best, so we continuously move from one window to the other, while people smile and stared at us, we felt like celebrities, I’m telling you – SO much FUN!

I love this one, look like I'm checking Mr. Poodle out, witch I do actually very often :P


A close up of our kissy kissy moment :) I love the way my rose headband looks there!


On our way to the train!


I loved the Black and white


Trying to stay serious :P


Showing some love to Mr. Poodle


Loving me back =)


This has to be one of my favorite ones, for this we actually had to run and pose while I had rain on my face LOL – I think it was totally worth it! I was freezing but I love this shoot :) A special thanks to Adi because he let us use his purple umbrella – How fitting is that for ME! :)


After that we used the extra change of clothes we had on  our bags and headed to the Subway, I had to have some purple of my own for the pics!


I love this ones too! It was so much fun because at home I was a daily user of our subway, and when Mr. Poodle went to visit, we travel around on the subway pretty much everyday, It felt like we were in Chile again :)


I loved all the pictures they blogged! They absolutely Rocked our E-session! I am a HAPPY HAPPY bride! Thank you Next Exit Photography for such an amazing job!

Where you surprised with the quality of your E-Pics? Did you turn into an indoor place due to the weather?
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