April 2, 2010

Momma Poodle!…

  … Was approved to come to our wedding!!!!

momma1[ Me, Momma Poodle, Sister Poodle ]

If you remember on my last post I asked to everyone to wish us luck because her second visa interview was this week. Well, thank you hive!! because all the prayers and good energy you all send our way, finally paid off and she will be in sunny California in just a few days!!

Of course we still have mixed feelings because my little sister will not be able to come :( This time we decided my mom was going to apply alone because they needed a family tie to Chile, and since they don't live with my Dad, they pretty much only have each other.

My sister was incredibly happy because my Mom was approved witch only proves how awesome of a little sister she is, she only wanted Poodle Mom to come because she knew how much I needed her presence and support that day. That does not mean I don't need her,and to be honest my heart still brakes every time I think about the fact that my sister will not be here with me.

But Mr Poodle’s family surprised me the other day and they manage to get internet and power to do a Ustream Broadcast and talk to them over Skype on the day of the wedding, so MOH and Poodle sister already made plans to get together that day and watch the wedding online :)

I think is pretty awesome considering our ceremony will be pretty much in the middle of nowhere!

 We are so incredibly excited to have my Mom here!! We can’t wait :)

[Mr. Poodle and Momma Poodle]

It will also be the very first time My mom meets Mr. Poodle’s family! I know I’ll have to be the translator during her stay because she only knows very little English and Mr. Poodle’s family only know a little bit of Spanish. So Mr Poodle and I are very anxious to see what’s going to happen :)

I am so extremely happy she’s coming! she will be walking me down the aisle just like I dreamed!!
So Thank you again hive for all the pray and wishes!

Miss Poodle!
Ps. I am only a week away from being MRS. for real! – YAY!
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