January 10, 2010

Looking at it from the other side

When we first started our visa process I never imagine this journey was going to be at times so frustrating and bumpy.

Today we finally sent our AOS (adjustment of status) package out!! and even thought we have no idea how long this process is going to be, we know that this time we will be waiting together. We are legally married, living together, waking up every day to each other’s face. I can totally say that even if we didn't had the big April wedding, I AM COMPLETELY HAPPY! I get a warm felling each time I look at Mr. Poodle’s eyes and remember how hard and long was the wait for me to be with him.

Today that we finally sent our papers out I can look back and say if I had to cry all of those tears all over again to be here,  in the arms of Mr. Poodle, I would do it all over again, without any doubts.
I know that at the end every single hard moment we had, every time I felt like I was hopeless waiting on some stupid paper to be happy, was worth it.

At the end (even though this is just the beginning) all of the things we went through made us stronger, all of the people that said we would never made it thought being apart for so long were wrong. Our love is stronger people!

I shared before how frustrating at times this process could get, and I felt a big need to let everyone know that no matter how long it takes (for us was 10 months) that time of waiting is nothing to the JOY and HAPPYNESS of being with the one you love!

So far we had our first Christmas tree, our very first new years together (Last year Mr. Poodle left Chile two days before new years :( ! )

navidad Navidad 2009

anonuevo Welcoming 2010 with MOH!

I can’t wait to see what else is stored for us, and even though I know sometimes hard times can come again, now we are together and that makes each other stronger :)

Have you faced long distance in your relationship, does that make you appreciate your so even more?
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