November 5, 2009

090 – Remember my handmade wedding dress?

Well, I don't think you can, because I forgot to show you pictures of the dress when I finish it a few days before I came to CA. So I’m sorry and the history begins like this…

One day in a Closet far far away a Poodle bride wanted to take pictures of her perfect wedding dress.


(If you are not a male Poodle you can keep on reading the rest of the story after the jump ;) )

Ok maybe was not a closet far far away it was actually FMIL’s closet, B let me store the dress there so that way the dress will be as far as possible from Mr. Poodle’s eyes.

And today I went there so I can show you all my labor of love :)

After I unpacked my dress off the wedding dress pillow, the crinoline looked like a big mess, but since I wanted to wash it anyways the winkles wont be a problem, the good thing is that the dress did not suffer of this and after staying on FMIL’s closet for a few days it looked like nothing ever happen to it.

Want to see?

Here it is!

poodledress3 { Front View }



poodledress7   { Close up of the Crochet endings Mom Poodle and I did }


poodledress9{ Back View }

poodledress10{ Close up of the top back }

poodledress11{ Hand sew button details }

Previously on my handmade dress saga:

I am so happy with my dress and I can’t wait to have a sewing machine again so I can finish the sash and bolero I already cut while I was still down in Chile.

Want to see how I made my own wedding dress? Stay tuned because you’ll get to see the behind the scenes :P
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