May 20, 2011

Are you ready for some Handmade Amor recaps?

Hola hive! Long time no talk. huh? Last time we talked I shared that we were going on a very long vacation to Chile.

We stayed with my family for 3 months and went on a road trip to the north of Chile all the way to Peru. We enjoyed 3 full months of summer (The perfect scape for the California winter) It was like a second honeymoon, SO awesome!

Now that we are finally settle back home and I finish my winter job, the recaps are going to be continued and sadly finalize (it's kind of sad to think I'll have to say goodbye)

And just to catch you all up, these are somethings you need to know about us. I moved to CA from Chile just a few months before our wedding, Mr. Poodle and I met while I was hitchhiking. We struggle with a very bumpy K1 Visa process while I started blogging to improve my English. We plan most of our wedding long distance and pull off a massive amount of DIY projects for our wedding day: I made my dress, my BMs dresses, baked all our desserts and so much more! We had a lot of wood projects and it literally took a village to build our wedding celebration. Including our own outdoor chapel.

We got legally married at a very private beach ceremony with mostly Mr. poodles family, even with that wedding I had a chance to craft a little and refurbish my beach dress.

These are the recaps I did before our vacations:
Handmade Amor: The ladies!
Handmade Amor: Mr. P & the Groomsmen
Handmade Amor: First look
Handmade Amor: Getting ready - The guys!
Handmade Amor: Getting ready - I am a BRIDE!
Handmade Amor: Getting ready - The details

I am so excited to be back to finish our handmade Amor recaps! So if you guys remember me, I've miss you all so much! And if this is the first time you've read about me - Hola so happy to met you all!! I hope you guys enjoy my recaps and feel free to search on my archives here.

So good to be back!


Mrs. Poodle =]

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