May 13, 2009

014 - Gimme gimme.. CLAY!! .. gimme clay!

I'm officially in love with CLAY!, as a shared with all of you before I just started to play with clay and even though I haven't had much to practice, I wanted to share with the hive what I've done so far:

This is the best i could do with my phone camera so until I can fix mine, sadly, wont see the real detail work on them.

I wasn't a big fan of roses, I love Lilys!! but in this case and after making both on clay; I found out that my lily clay skills are - Um NOT good - But I'm really satisfied with the way my roses are turning.

{Little Miss Poodle's sister holding the first batch }

I'm learning to love roses! So I'm planning on having lots of baby roses born soon! and of course I'll share the process so all you can make them :)

On this one you can see all the different kinds of flowers I've tried - Of course none of them are fully done :( - purple, green and white

{ This are all the different flower trials }

Of course this are not the only kinds of flowers I'll have on my bouquet, I'm planning on having more but for now I'll focus just on the roses :)

And I wanted to show you all a sneak peek of the things I'm working on and gather together right now:

Remember the plastic bottoms I show you all a while a go? - I found this new mineral water here in Chile that has purple bottles so I've been drinking that non stop.

{ Image Source (Link) }

To get this :

And..... a Little sneak peek on the gifts I'm making for my girls, hope they like the colors!

How soon before the wedding you started to work on your DIY projects? How soon you started to gather all the supplies for them?
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