July 19, 2009

062 - A flower for my girls

There's an awesome PRO blogger on the hive - Llubav Choy Duerr - I just loveee her work! So weeks a go I saw her flower ring pillow (Link) and I thought - This could be an awesome way to add more color to my BM's gift! -I'll share the actual gift later ;)

{ Image source (Link) }

So I used her as my inspiration to make purple sunflower pins for my girls! but instead of sewing the flowers, I went the easy hot glue gun option :)

It took me half hour to make this 4 flowers for my girls :) Do you want to make your own? This is how I did it.

Materials You'll need:

  • Brown fabric
  • Brown beads
  • Brown thread
  • Purple felt
  • Fake green leaf
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clothe pins

For one flower you will need 30 pedals, and 2 felt strip ; you have to make small cuts on one (bottom) and cut a zig -zag shape on the other one (top), just like it shows on the drawing. I wanted the pedals to be more "pointy" kind of shape - but you can make them as round as you want!

- To make the center of the flower , you first need to cute a round piece of brown fabric; sew around like I show in the next diagram

{ I used the left over form the felt pedals to stuff the center as you can see in the picture, after you close the center, you can sew the brown beads. }

- After that I hot glued the 5" long piece of felt around the center of the flower, the after that I hot glue all the pedals trying to spare them equally around.

- Then you need to grab the clothe pin, place it in the middle and secure it with two small hot glue drops.

- Make a circle with the wire of the fake fabric leaf and hot glue that too.

- As a final step and just so the back of you flower doesn't look so messy cut a round piece of felt and glue it to the back with the pin open :)

TA - DA! you got you felt flower pin!

{ I really hope my girls like their flower or else Curly is going to steal them and use them.
Look at him! }

Are you DIY something for your maids? After you got your maids a gift did you find yourself buying or doing another project for them?

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