July 8, 2009

055 - OMG We've been waiting for this ...

For 131 days! Our Fiance Visa petition has being APPROVED!! (Notice of action number 2 - received on the mail!) and... what does this mean? Well in about 4 weeks our papers will be at the Embassy here in Chile, and then we will have about 5 more weeks for interview, medical and all the rest of the papers, after that I can flight to California to marry Mr.Poodle!! yay!!!!

I've been praying for so long! this approval is a huge and first step to reach our final goal of being together forever. I was jumping all over the apartment when I read the email sent from USCIS. I knew Mr. Poodle was at work, so I couldn't call him (He almost never get's service at the station) So I text him the news!!! I just can't erase the smile off my face. I'm sooo happy!!

{ The week the Poodle's met (on the sides) - the center is after we started dating ;)}

Yesterday was our Monthniversary 31 months together!! so this was the perfect gift for us ♥

We waited a little more than our months petition's twins, I can share - only with you ;) - that I had several lost of hope's days, when the whole wedding planning process seemed a dream that started to fade away as the day passed. We talk about it everyday and Mr. Poodle is extremely awesome on the "Cheering Miss Poodle up" task. So after my day was all cloudy and blue, the new full of hopes and planning came back.

The visa process has being an emotional rollercoaster to me, after we sent our I-129F package, my hopes started raising when I saw we got our NOA1 (Notice of action number 1) the next day! and the process time for those who sent their packages before us was between 30 to 60 days. I thought - Whoo hoo! this is going to be a piece of cake and maybe we could get married around September :). But, boy I was wrong, sadly our process wasn't as smooth as the ones I saw back then and even though I manage to stay busy, the waiting started to affect me. That's why I decided to focus a lil more on the wedding planning process and not so much on our immigration process, that's also because all I had left to do for the second one was "wait".

With this amazing news we have the timing so much clear and we can start planning - for sure - our February wedding! Now I can start thinking about how to re-ask my maids yay!

I know it's not so common to wait for an Email to set free the wedding planning process, but have you found yourself waiting for an specific event - besides the proposal :) - to start your planning?


  1. Wow. Congrats!!! How exciting!!

  2. Congrats!! I'm SO happy for you!! I have relatives overseas that I'm hoping can make it to my wedding. I wish it was simpler!

  3. Congratulations!!!!! Oh my goodness, must be a huge relief and so exciting!!

  4. Thank you again!! and yes!! this is a mayor relief because without it we couldn't set a date :( but now yay! we can :) Ohh I wish it could be easier or faster, actually Mr.K wanted to just kidnap me an marry (Maybe that's why some people do it the bad way) Anyway I'm just walking on clouds right now because be know for sure that THE DAY is coming soon :)


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