July 1, 2009

047 - FREE is always GOOD!

After I read about this great deal (link) I started playing with the illustration I made a while a go of Mr.K and I, remember? (Link)

So this was the end result after a quick Illustrator session, Yup! really quick because I'm not home, so I need to be fast and take advantage of the internet lol :)

I'm ordering 50 of those, and If you want to try is as easy as -> Going to: www.overnightprints.com

Select either:
4 x 6 postcards- 1 sided- Code: 46PCFREE
5 x 7 postcards- 1 sided- Code: 57PCFREE
*shipping not included

Follow the easy steps and add the code at checkout

I think I have some more time to try and do something better and keep ordering for free, but remember this ends Midnight July 5th, 2009. So if you want to try, do it NOW! :P

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