July 22, 2009

063 - Button that up!

Ever since I was a little girl I have being in loved with buttons, I don't know what is about them that makes me want to have them all, specially if they have cute lil icons.

I saw on the wedding the perfect excuse to start a "buttons project". Here the images that make me want to make tons of them.

{ Image Source Link Left (Link) - Right (Link) }

{ Image Source Right (Link) - Left (Link) }

I loved all of those ideas! and then I run into this other wedding pictures that got my mind blowing.

{ Image Source (Link) }

How cute is the "Better together" idea!! I love it, maybe we could have our own combination and tie our cake topper idea with this buttons and do a "better together" sport themed, with different sport for our tables, kind of like this:

{ Image Source (Link) }

{ Image Source (Link) }

Of course all of this in cute little icons, I even found a great Etsy (Link) seller that offers costume buttons, I could just send her the image and have the pins on Mr. Poodle's door a week later :)

All of this looks like a cool plan on my mind, but I end up on a controversial situation. I am trying to plan our wedding using as many recycled material as possible, to make it as Eco-friendly as possible, and I feel that this buttons are going to end up on the trash, or maybe is just one of those "not necessary items" in our wedding.

Mr. Poodle is very suportive in every aspect and if I like the idea, he does not question if that's "green enough" he loves the efford I'm making on finding new options to go green, but he said that if I'm happy with some other project I should just go for it.

Now here's when I'm going to ask for your help hive, this choice has being bugging me a lot but only because I think that by having them I'll go against my "green vision" of the wedding, what do you think:

Should I go for this projects because I love buttons, and love the idea?
Should I forget about it because it's not "Eco-friendly" enough?

1 comment:

  1. Think of it this way: most favors, unless they're edible and sometimes even then, are going to end up left behind or in the trash. You can always use the "Better together" sports theme without the buttons.
    In the end, do what makes you happy.


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