July 16, 2009

060 - And the wedding planning begins!

{ The Poodle’s freaking out, ok we are not good at making faces :P }

For most couples after the - ohh so wanted! :) - proposal, the first thing on the “to do” list is –> set a date! But, for the poodle’s things can’t be done that way :( ; we first needed to do tons of forms filling and visa papers to send our petition package; after our package was sent and having the visa process timing on hand, we could have a better idea about an approximated month, not exact date yet. So for 6 months we had no idea of when it was going to be. Until this week! Now we know! January (woo hoo!)

Of course I wasn't going to sit with my arms crossed and wait for almost 6 months to start planning. De ninguna forma! I wasn’t going to let this tiny little problem get on the way of our "Green & Purple" wedding planning.

We had the most important thing (besides each other of course ;) ) our venue!

{ Mr. Poodle’s Grand Parent’s ranch – photo by Mr. Poodle }

We knew we wanted the ceremony and reception there, not just because we don’t need to check for availability and it’s free! But because it means so much to all of Mr. Poodle’s family. The ranch had the classic wood barn that could have being perfect for the reception, but during the big fire of 1994 it got burn, and Mr. Poodle’s family built it again, this time NO WOOD :(. So we won’t have the cute wood barn, but we still have the old caboose and lots of land to play with (yay!)

Next on the list, our colors, this was the easiest task just because each one of us picked our favorite color :) ”Green & Purple” . I’m guessing you’re wondering – but Miss Poodle your getting married on January? And it will be winter in California –Yup! Those colors are not exactly the “winter” scheme but I love challenges; our venue at that time of the year will be pretty much “brown”, So what I want is to give it little bit of energy with strong and vibrant colors. :)

{ Our color scheme }

Next on, the inspiration board, this is where everything begins (ohh so fun!), I know it might seem kind of “picture saturated” at first, but that’s because it was so hard for me to leave inspiration out of it!

{Image Credits}

a - (Link) / b - (Link) / c - (Link) / d - (Link) / e - (Link) / f - (Link) / g - (Link) / h - (Link)
i - (Link) / j - (Link) / k - (Link) / l - (Link) / m - (Link) / n - (Link) / o - (Link) / p - (Link) / q - (Link)

Now just so you know, there are projects there that I will not be able to begin until I arrive to California, but I’m so anxious that I’ve began to work on many others that I’ll have to carry with me on the plane. :)

Just because I like the hive sooo much I want to share the projects that excite me the most! (after making my dress of course), we will build our own outdoor church based on the inspiration from KC& Kara’s wedding blog (Link) Mr. Poodle’s dad is actually willing to helping us out building it! He’s a contractor so he has being “saving” old parts that we will use. I’ve manage to gather a lot of different kinds of purple paper left over thought the years so we are using those to make our origami centerpieces, we are also going to make cute stuff out of recycled plastic bottle bottoms, and I’ll be making my own clay bouquet and boutonnières for the boys.

At this point I’m not sure if I’m happier about making them or the chance I know have to share them with all of you :) ( follow by instructions of course)

You first knew a little about us, now you know a little about our wedding :) How about letting me now you a little better and describe your colors and inspiration? Seems fun to me :) what do you say?


  1. Hi Joy! Quick question that has nothing to do with this post :) Do you follow any Spanish wedding blogs at all that you like? I really like how you said you practiced your English through the blogs and I'd love to practice my Spanish :)

  2. Love your colors, love your inspiration board, love you! You're so cute :D I really am excited you're a Bee, I can't wait to see what more you're going to come up with! I wish I was as talented/creative as you!

    I just posted about our color scheme: "Poppy and Pool" (red and aqua : ) I think Mrs. Lime had the same color scheme as us.

  3. @an aqua: Hey! I'm sorry I have no spanish blogs, the few ones I've found were not interesting at all - just because they were not much wedding related, but you should def check


    She is a wedding photographer and she blogs in Spanish and English :)

    I'm sorry I'm not much help :(

  4. Yay for vibrant colors! I love your wedding inspiration! I'm having a fall wedding and our colors are not fitting for fall either. But it's your wedding! That's what I tell myself! :)


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