July 11, 2009

057 - You light my day! I mean... night

I’ve been looking over for cute and not expensive ideas to light our reception (besides the recycled paper lamps I want to make). I thought that candles could add a great romantic look, so the search began and this was what I could find:

Good old paper bags! This one is the less expensive one and wow! It can turn out looking sooo cute! recycling is my motto! :)

{ Image Source Top (Link) - Bottom (Link) }

Cinnamon! Ohh I love cinnamon, actually I always keep a piece on my wallet pocket, smells sooo nice!! and "Canela"(Spanish translation) was the first baby name I pick when I was a lil girl, I would love to do this!

{ Image Source Left (Link and DIY tutorial) - Right (link) }

Make your own Wax votive? I'm down for that! but will I have enough time to do this? Um - I don't think so! but maybe you want to give it a try :).

{ Image Source Left (Link and DIY tutorial) - Right (Link) }

What about using rocks? or just paint a fake stone texture? Not one of my favorites, but definitely worth the share.

{ Image Source Left (Link) - Right (Link) }

What about pine or corn husks to wrap glass votives? neat ha? (Side note: Can you believe that I just NOW know who Martha is :O ? yup! met her work only when I started the wedding planning, I remember asking my FMIL who she was because I heard about her a lot - lol )

{ Image Source Left (Link) - Right (Link and DIY Instructions) }

But then I thought, Hey! maybe we can't light anything there? fire danger zone duh!! So I wen over the paper lanterns ideas again :)

This tutorial (Link) has being around lots of blogs and it's so simple! love it

This one comes with REALLY easy instruction found here (Link) How cute would this be doing some stencil over my recycled paper :)? Looks pretty on my head lol

Ok so this has NOTHING to do with lights, but I run into them while looking for luminaries ideas.

{ Image Source (Link) }

Last week I started working on a nest made from fresh branches so now I'm more familiar and I already have the idea on my mind about how to make my own "cute balls" yay! :) This is something I'm doing for SURE, but once I'm in California, so as soon as I make them I'll post a DIY tutorial to share :) pinky doggy promise! Stay tune!

This are all my random "light" ideas. Want to share yours? If you have an outdoor reception, how are you planning on bringing light to your party?


  1. I love all these ideas! By the way, canela is not expensive at all in California. :)

  2. Thank you Miss Tortolita!! I'll go with Canela then! Gracias :)

  3. aahh, congrats... i just saw you're a bee! i'm so excited. i think you'll be one of my favorite bees =)

  4. Thank you Jen!! I'm so excited!! I still can't believe it!


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