July 13, 2009

058 - Sometimes you don't get what you wish for

I wish they could all just be happy about us, since we got our petition approval last week (Link) Yess!! I’ve shared the amazing news with all my close friends and family. Now everyone that cares about us is just as happy as we are, and even screaming with me when I tell them lol . But then again were also the “SO not wanted” bad vibes coming from people that heard the news somewhere.

I truly think I have just a few really good friends and life has showed me who those are (They really understand me and support us), but I am really friendly and have tons of people I know and that at some point kept a relation - at some level. So from the beginning of our relationship whenever I got bad comments form them, I try to just not listen or politely ask them not to judge so fast; for the first year this worked just fine, but then it really started to bug me. I decided to have a line ready for those that wanted to rub in my face how naive I was for trusting Mr. Poodle the way I do, I would simply say “If you don’t have anything good to say I rather for you to not speak about us at all” and give them a big smile - Of course one the inside I wanted to punch them on the face lol

At one point it did really affect me and I wondered why people would judge our relationship and make awful comments when I never asked for them, I wasn’t even sharing things with them; I was dealing with lots of things that happened to me last year and of course dealing with the long distance between us. :(

Soon after that I realize that most of the people that talked stupid things about us (Mostly how he most have being cheating on me daily, since we are not even on the same Country) were cheating on their girlfriends/boyfriends or didn’t wanted to commit to anyone at any level. Then I understood that they were just reflecting their own personal issues and trying to convince me of how terrible was to believe in someone and love him no matter what.

Trust me I’m not naive when it comes to that subject,I've been there and seen how much it can hurt from first row, plus after founding out about how my ex cheated on me, all the bad family stories and the fact that I haven’t seen any good marriage example on my family, not even my Mom’s. Got me to the point where I didn’t want to trust anyone. All that until I meet Mr. Poodle, we had such a similar love background; we were both hurt before but manage to open our heats to each other. To me he’s the only man in my life I truly trust and the kind of love I’ve always dream of. :)

The only reason I can find to justify all those people talking bad things about us is just the fact that they haven’t found or know what true love is all about, nothing matters when you have such a deep connection, not distance, color, religion or language can get in the way. I didn’t choose who I was going to fall in love with but I did choose to be faithful, loyal and honest with him in order to keep our love healthy and growing.

I know I’m not the only one that has to deal with awful comments about their relationships, have you found yourself on that situation? What have you done about it?


  1. Just remember...the people who are happy for you are the only opinions that matter in the first place. They are the ones who will support you no matter what, they know you and your Mr. better, and will be there for you in the long run. Let the others say what they are going to say and try not to let it affect how happy you are about this amazing news!!

  2. I think we all have had nay-sayers. You're absolutely right when you say what they say is simply a reflection of who they are and what they do.
    I think its wonderful that you've found someone who you can trust and open your heart to!

  3. I definitely got that reaction from some people, too. I've never trusted anyone more in my life than my FH. I think it's hard for some people to understand the connection that you can have with a person despite the distance between you when they've never experienced it. They just wish they had what you have <3

  4. I'm excited for you and the Mr! Everyone has probably had to deal with this at one point or another. You just gotta move on and let them say whatever they want. Just ignore the commentary, because I think you're right, the others just haven't experienced the love that you have, and they're a little jealous!

  5. Isn't that great that we all found our soul mates? That's what really matters :)

    You are so sweet girls!


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