July 10, 2009

056 - Folding day

Yesterday my MOH came to help, we had some drinks and fold like crazy!! lol After a few hours and with the help of my little sister we fold 200 pedals! It could have being more but we needed to cut the papers too (We are not gluing the flowers because they have to travel all the way from Chile to California)

Here the pictures of the trial we made and some of the pedals :) You feel like you want to fold some of this? here the tutorial (Link)

We also finish the details on Mr.Poodle's wedding band design. I'm so happy with what we have so far, so as soon as I get the ring I'll take pictures and show you all (But shhhhh!! so Mr.Poodle doesn't read about it)

When we first talk about the kind of rings we wanted, we decided we where going to buy each others ring and keep it a surprise until the wedding day, but we did agree on the materials: Metal and Wood. Here the story behind this choice (Link)

As I posted before we are really happy that MOH actually designs jewelry and the fact that she offered to make the 3 ring at material cost (excited!! :) ) I thought that because we are working together on Mr.Poodle's ring I'll be able to have a sneak peak of what my rings are going to look but NO!! They figure a way so I could know and see NOTHING!! lol It's better to keep it a real secret :) but I'm terrible handling secrets, not keeping them but I feel it's a torture every time Mr. Poodle only gives me clues about gifts.

Do you bug or ask for clues when they tell you they have a "surprise" for you? Am I the only one like this :( ?


  1. Those are amazing - you must be the most patient person in the world!

  2. Joy, I love everything about your wedding. I wish you were here so I could hire you to make all this stuff for my wedding... you're so inspiring!

  3. Thank you so much for the compliments! *blushing* big time here :)

  4. oh those are so gorgeous!!! i LOVE them!

  5. I freaking love those flowers! omg

  6. I saw your post of these flowers this weekend and they're PERFECT for our possible balloon (or candle) centerpieces!! So thanks! :) Kudos to you for folding them! I managed to finish 24 of them. I'm working on the second batch now. The fun part is definitely seeing them turn into flowers! :)

  7. Thank you! thank you!

    @leenmachine: Hey! I'm so glad you are going to use them!!! I can't wait to see the trial photos of your centerpieces :)


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