July 18, 2009

061 - Asking them all over again

Back in February, after Mr. Poodle and I started our visa petition, we couldn't wait to share the news of our "engagement" with everyone! and of course we decided really fast on the number of boys and girls that we wanted with us - we decided 4 - In my case the MOH and 3 BM.

Because not all of my girls here in Chile can buy the ticket to go to our wedding in California, I decided to have only my little sister and best friend from Chile and my other 2 maids from California. I wrote every one an email and ask them to be my maids; but just like Miss Bearcub, I did that months a go - now I needed to let them know in a more "official" way that I REALLY want them with me :)

SO I jump on the card wagon!

I know I'm not a good card maker, so I needed something really simple, where I could pop the question again and where I could have plenty of room to write about the dresses I want to make for them, let them know each others information - since two of them are from Chile - and send them a lil piece of the dress fabric :) This was my sketch idea:

That way I'll have the cover to make the dresses and tell them that " I was missing someone on my party"; I could ask them once they open the card - and I could put all the information on the inside without them see everything at once.

This is the finish result. I had old purple ribbon and white thick paper; I also found a - not very cute - green paper, but well I had to use it anyways hehe. I first draw and them cut the little dresses and I use a tiny piece of tulle and on of the left over form the holes for my veil :)

As you can see, I lack the handwriting gene - But don't worry that's the reason I'm not doing our envelopes hehe... (hopefully my girls will not mind)

It took me around half hour to get the 4 of those done ( 2 cards in Spanish and 2 in English) I'm really happy to send them out today! yay!

How did you ask your maids? Was it too hard to coordinate if you had some of them far away? Are you into card crafting? -I if you are- please don't destroy mines hehe at least I tried.

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