July 14, 2009

059 - Hola from Miss Poodle!

So after jumping around the apartment all morning I finally got the time to sit calmly and say “HOLA” to the hive! I still can’t believe it! I’m a BEE! Woo hoo!

So why Miss Poodle? Well I have a son; he’s 11 years old and extremely hairy; he loves to eat oranges and apples (He can smell when you eat them and won't stop crying until you give him a little piece). So He’s the reason why I wanted to be Miss Poodle, and she has purple bows :)(My cute little icon)

{ Miss Poodle and Curly our baby poodle - Ok not so baby }

I thought I should start with a little introduction, I’m a Chilean Industrial and web designer, I graduated from the “Universidad de Chile” last year. As a designer I’ve always been interested on recycled material products and helping my community as much as I could. I never had wedding dreams or plans when I was a little girl, but one thing I knew since I was 7 years old, I wanted to make my own Wedding Dress :)

Back in 2006 and while I was on an exchange work experience program in California I met Mr. Poodle, it was the closest to love at first sight I’ve experience :) he picked me up while I was hitchhiking to work and a month after that we started dating.

{ Just in case you wonder how far we are }

Two trips for me and one for him were enough for us to realize, we didn’t wanted to be this far away any more; so we started our paper visa process and became "engaged".

{ San Diego 2006 - Patagonia 2008 }

We enjoy hiking, climbing, sky/snowboarding and camping together, every time Mr. Poodle wants to go on an adventure trip I’m more than happy to go with him :)

{ Climbing on Joshua Tree (2007) and Bishop (2008) }

I’m the kind of “bride to be” that doesn’t have a ring on her finger yet, but just because of distance. (It’s not easy to travel 5,576 miles just to place a ring) My MOH, long time collage buddy and great designer is making our wedding band and my engagement ring, which I’ll be allowed to see only after I arrive to California (She’s leaving to Colorado next month and will delivered my ring to Mr. Poodle, we designed each others ring and agree to have them made on wood and metal) I don’t mind if he doesn’t do the whole "one knee" surprise to give me the ring, but Mr. Poodle said that he “has” to ask me again, this time with a ring on his hand :)

{ Chiloé, Chile. on Mr. Poodle's last visit }

The first thing we knew after we started talking about our wedding was that we would love to hold our ceremony and reception at Mr. Poodle Grandparent’s ranch, not just because it’s free (yay!) but because It means so much to all of Mr. Poodle’s family.

My favorite color is Purple and Mr. Poodle’s favorite is Green, there you go our colors (that was easy! ) We have a rustic - ecofriendly – very DIY vision for our wedding; and I’m hoping to use as much recycled material as possible!

Well, now you know a little bit about us and all I have left to say is that I’m super happy to share my planning adventure with the hive. Poodle love to everyone!!


  1. CONGRATS girlie for being Miss Poodle!! You will do an excellent job!

  2. Ooh, how fun! Congrats on being a beeblogger!

  3. CONGRATS!!!!! You guys are so adorable together!

  4. Wow! Eres una BEE! Felicidades!! No puedo esperar a leer mas sobre tu boda en California. :)

  5. I saw Miss Poodle on the 'Bee and knew it was you! Very exciting!!! Yaaaay!

  6. Congrats on being Miss Poodle! That's so exciting! They're lucky to have you that's for sure!! See you around Weddingbee! :)


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