July 5, 2009

051 - Why blogging is a challenge to me

Most of you know that I’m a Spanish speaker and I’ve never had real English classes. So I’ve learn over music, movies and Internet. Back on 2006 I knew just some words and the basics “where’s the bathroom” and “can I have one?” to survive in California.

My goal by getting into the exchange program then was to learn English the tough way, just go there all by myself and live the experience :) Never thought I would find the love of my life there yay!

I’ve managed to learn enough to understand everything people say to me and start conversations, BUT it was really hard to me to not do the “translate everything on my head” process before speaking or writing.

Because I lack all the English grammar, and because sometimes it’s REALLY different than the way we normally do it on Spanish. I was really scared about actually working in California and communicate ALL DAY on English. (I even had nightmares :O )

Then I thought about blogging and here comes my personal challenge -> English speaking people are actually reading this!! I know I’m a baby blogger, but doing this pushes me to not just plan our dream wedding but also to practice and learn. I’m not just writing but also following and reading all the wedding related blogs I found interesting, Yes! I’m learning from all of you BEEs!

I know there's different stories about why you started blogging ( If you have a blog) if so What does blogging means to you? and why you started?


  1. I love that you're blogging as a way to perfect your English - I wish I were so brave with my German!
    I started blogging as a creative outlet after my wedding and having my son. Hopefully I can keep it up once I go back to school this fall!

  2. I love your blog and the images you've collected!! English is also my second language. I vaguely remember going to school for the first time and I was basically mute! I knew basic English but I couldn't understand when Americans talked to me cause they talked SO FAST! :)

    But if your writing is just like how you talk, you have nothing to worry about! You sound great! It takes time though just like anything else. :)

  3. Thank you ladies!!

    @megan: ohh you should def try! I've heard German is so hard to learn!? Mr.K and I want to learn Italian and German together :)

    @leenmachine: I felt the same thing about the speed lol


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